Monday, April 12, 2010

Where have all the flowers .... er, I mean blog posts ... gone?

Well, I'm the first to admit that my attendance to this blog (although not to music) has been a bit slack of late. Which is a shame, really, because writing about music is something that I enjoy almost as much as I enjoying listening to music. But the reality is, of late, time just seems to have been mitigating even my most robust attempts to put aside enough time each day to write this blog, to the point where, every now and then, I have approached the blog in much the same spirit that I approach washing the dishes, which was the last thing that either I wanted or that the music I write about deserves.

So, for that reason, I've decided to take a step back from this blog for the moment - not to abandon it, but just to visit it a little less regularly. The fact is, though, that I keep continuing to discover so much fantastic new music, almost daily, that there are still going to be plenty of times, I'm sure, where I'm just not going to be able stop myself from jumping on here and babbling on about it.

I'm sorry and kind of sad to be shying away from my initial aim, several months ago now, to write about music every day but it's been a lod of fun so far, and I know it will continue to be so in the future too. Just not so often.

I'm not at all sure how many people are continuing to read the posts here - but even sporadic responses to my posts here have been a great thrill for me: a bit, I imagine, like the way late night radio broadcasters feel when someone rings them up and lets them know they're listening.

So a billion thanks to everyone who has popped on here over the past few months and had their bit to say - especially some of my "regulars": Marty R, Patrick, Greg and Matt and Jenny at PBS.

Mind you, there's no reason for my lack of posting to be an excuse for anyone else to follow suit - just put in a reply to this post whenever you feel like it, and especially when you're listening to some music that you think the rest of the world should know about, even in a hundred years if you want to, and we'll see if we can get the ball rolling again!

But for now .... ciao for niao!!



  1. Hi Ian
    Times change, priorities change - I admire your energy in maintaining the blog as consistently as you have.

    I haven't posted anything for a while, but that's because a) you've been writing about artists and music that I've never heard (of) and so I've had nothing to say about them; and b) I've not been listening to any new music recently (while I'm writing this, I'm listening to Henrix's 'Blues' CD - not even his recent 'Valleys of Neptune'!), so I haven't even had anything of my own to contribute.

    Thus, my absence from your blog doesn't mean that I haven't been reading it. Even if/when I don't know the music, I enjoy your writing!

    Until next time ....

  2. Many thanks, Patrick - and thanks for your contibutions and encouragement along the way. Even now, I'm missing the opportunity that the blog has given me to really sit and focus on some music every day and in some ways i's at times like this, where life has become a little busier and fuller than it was last year, that maintaining the discipline of the blog is the most important of all, if only to make me make the time - but it's just been too difficult. And yet now, as I listen to yet another Swans album, and marvel yet again at how original and powerful their music is, 18 years after it was recorded, it's tempting to just hit that "new post" button just one more time ... !!

  3. Oh Ian, I hope you find some time down the track to keep blogging - I really enjoy reading your posts, you have such a way with words.

    I understand about feeling a bit burnt out though, it's a wise man who takes a break when he needs one.

    I'll keep checking in regularly. I really think you should consider writing for a music publication in the reviews section - lots of street press give free CDs to their reviewers, when you do feel like taking it up again!

    Cheerio from Jenny O :)

  4. Thanks so much Jenny! Yes, I will certainly be poking my nose in here from time to time, and it's always nice to hear from people reading it, so thanks for the encouragement.

    But actually I'm not really burnt out - just busy, and more because of a relatively new love life (and all the extra social obligations that go with it!!) than anything else. So, believe me, I'm not complaining!!

    Thanks for the suggestion re getting into some music publications, too. I think I would love to do that. I might contact a couple to see if they need anyone. The thing, though, as you may have noticed, is that I don't really write "reviews" as such - but more about how the music speaks to me, what it means to me, and why I like it. I can't imagine writing something bad about music because chances are, if I did, that I would listen to it again the following day and find something wonderful in it that I had missed before.

    And, as always, thanks heaps for the great morning music on PBS. I can't begin to describe how good it makes the mornings feel.

    cheers, Ian

  5. Hi Ian
    I thought that you had, in fact, been writing music reviews (or something) for PBS (or someone). As ever, my memory fails me. But I agree with Jenny that you should; and just write about music that you like! You have such broad tastes that that shouldn't be a problem.

    ... and keep that 'work/life' balance under constant scrutiny!

  6. aaah well...i recon it wont be long till your back blogging ! how could you not hey?
    i feel like i'm in a privileged spot here being able to discuss new albums with you in person...kindof live blogging :-)
    there is still so much more to come...looking forward!!!!!
    marty r.(spinner)

    p(b)s the mornings on pbs,wouldn't be the same without you guys :-) thanks!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement .. and be reassured Patrick, your memory hasn't failed you: yes, I have been doing some gig reviews for the PBS website, although haven't written any since around Christmas (which actually didn't get up on the website because I think the web person was on holidays at the time) ... so there's another beloved activity I've been neglecting!!

    The CD purchases, unlike the blogging, have been continuing at their usual ridiculous pace and there have been some interesting acquisitions over the past week or so, and so I think it's going to be hard to avoid another few posts fairly soon.

    In fact only yesterday I bought an album which I am actually having trouble enjoying, so that's going to be a challenge, given my commitment to only say nice things here. It's an album called "The Foundling", from Canadian folk singer Mary Gauthier - nice music and quite moving in a way, but one of those "woe is me" and "aren't I good despite how badly life has treated me?" type albums that I find a tad self-indulgent. But I found a little tear running down my cheek as I listened to it, nonetheless.

    And Jenny, your playing of The Escalators' 'Wrapped in Plastic' this morning has sent me on a wild goose chase (is that the term?) through stores and internet sites and I have managed to track it down at last ... so that's one which, when it arrives, will most definitely warrant a return to!!

  8. Hey Ian, great to hear your life is full of love and fun, it's been a while since we have caught up but always wondering what you are doing. Just popped in as I had a spare half hour. Haven't been on for a while.

    I do want you to write reviews for my new website I am getting off the ground, new music, new bands, I will be in touch.

  9. Thanks, Ian ... would just love to do some reviews for your website ... let me know what you want when you want it and I will do my best to oblige.