Sunday, December 27, 2009

Summer testosterone - She Fuzz

I'm not going to pretend that I am able to identify too closely with a band that proudly proclaims that it likes singing about girls but, with the first few bars plucked out on the guitar of Geelong-based She Fuzz's self-titled debut EP, sounding a bit like a rusty old kombi hurtling along an unmade road, you knowcan't help but feel like joining them for the ride.

It’s music that instantly invokes sand, surf, beer and testosterone – energetic, full of life and with the kind of jaunty rock personality that makes you want to drop whatever you’re doing, call up some mates, and get down to the beach.

Each of the five songs on this disc seems to create its own unique take on the age old theme of summer and sunshine. There’s the feel of rolling wheels, the start of a journey, in ‘The Commute’, where the destination doesn’t seem to matter as long as it’s fun; the almost 60s-esque vocals from Tom Gibbs in ‘Holly’, against catchy instrumentals that seem to paint pictures of sand dunes and a shimmering blue ocean, morphing almost seamlessly into the groove and swing, and hint of shade, of ‘Lemon Tree’. There’s the 2/4 pub beat of ‘Mystery Man’, with its ridiculously good guitar work; and, finally, the more hard rock infused riffs of ‘Exposed’, where the music ends the day like all good summer days should end – sexy and sweaty.

If She Fuzz was a diary, you certainly wouldn’t want your mother to read it but, as it is, it’s only a CD and so chances are that even she will be able to bop along to its good, solid rock/pop vigour.

It’s great to see local artists creating such good music with such a local flavour to it – music where you can almost smell the salt in the air, mixed with the aroma of an ale or two, blowing from the shores of Torquay.

Thanks to Spinning Half Studios in Geelong for a great EP. It might not be enough to make me turn, but it's more than enough to make me wanna have fun.

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