Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being greeted from LA by Tim Buckley

Always one to take the wise advice of my big brother, I'm listening now to Tim Buckley's Greetings from LA. It certainly does exactly what Greg said it does ... a whole lot of styles and flavours brought together. Some of those rhythms are just wild, with Tim Buckley's voice wailing and winding above it. I don't know how music like this is created - how much of it is written ahead, how much is improvised ... but, in any case, it must call for an incredible ability for musicians to be in touch with one another - just listen to the way the strings and Tim Buckley's voice weave around each other on "Sweet Surrender". I'm not sure which is the most incredible - to think that that sort of thing can be rehearsed, or to think that it isn't!! Great stuff, however it was made!

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